Fastlane MEP

Our Story

Everything we do comes down to relationships. The FASTLANE team is a group of people with a heart and passion for manufacturing. We are industry people, with manufacturing backgrounds, who love helping the Dayton Region Manufacturers thrive. Our passion to serve and solve problems drives us. This is how our story began…


4 Truths about Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing

Written by: FASTLANE

Written by: Mary R. Miller

Yes you’ve heard this before. Additive Manufacturing (AKA 3D Printing or AM) promises to be the next great industrial revolution. In many ways this revolution has already begun. Worldwide Additive Manufacturing revenues, from systems […]

5 Ways to Get Projects Done Faster

Written by: FASTLANE

Written by: Mary R. Miller

Everyone seems to be overly busy these days. Teams are leaner. Customers are paying less. Don’t get me started on payment terms…

Do you ever wish that you had more bandwidth?  That you were […]

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